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Cloud Computing

As you have already figured out that ODA is a global technology services company located at Bangalore. We are steadily recognized as a trailblazer and modernizer of enterprise web products and services, ODA improve enterprise performance and provide clients with a compelling competitive advantage. Our services include transformation to a Cloud solution.

What are Cloud applications? These are a sort of amalgam among customary desktop apps and trendier web applications. ODA ensures that the cloud applications utilize the benefits of both the modes- the web software the desktop app solutions. Just as the desktop apps, cloud applications can offer a rich user experience, immediate response to user actions, and offline mode. And more like the web application services, cloud apps need not be installed; at the same time be updated at any time. By uploading a new version to your web server you get the real time updates in seconds... All this and more can help you with Data storage that happens offsite and yet under your access and control. The only catch is that every client needs to trust the vendor’s server storage capacity. And this is exactly where ODA steps in.

Our Cloud services include 5 step processes:

  • ✓ Initiate Cloud Assessments
  • ✓ Brainstorm Cloud Solutions
  • ✓ Develop Cloud Applications
  • ✓ Deploy them in Cloud Infrastructure
  • ✓ Maintain Those Cloud Products
  • ✓ Initiate Cloud Assessments

Our cloud Assessment is done by experienced business analysts who’ve been on working cloud for several years now. Our uptime assurance for cloud is best explained when you’re on cloud. We do a cloud service guarantee of cloud functions very often. Our cloud cost models are cost effective compared to our competitors we have done input and output analysis on expenditure and returns. We do a risk element analysis: for e.g. evading merchant lock-in situations and prevent price changes. All the additional services are tailored to match your contracted SLA.

Cloud Assessment Includes:

  • ✓ Cloud Based Technical Feasibility
  • ✓ Critical Issues Assessment
  • ✓ Analyze Business Drivers
  • ✓ Exploring Organizational feasibility
  • ✓ Building operations processes
  • ✓ Cloud strategy -private, public, or hybrid
  • ✓ Gauge Proprietary cloud reasons
  • ✓ Vertical Domain Benefits
  • ✓ Measure open solutions
  • ✓ Industrial benefits
  • ✓ Cloud Security
  • ✓ Data Analysis
  • ✓ Possible applications
  • ✓ Assess Infrastructure
  • ✓ Brainstorm Cloud Solutions

Together, after a detailed analysis, on the cloud implementation feasibility within your organizational environment; we will move to the next step. ODA helps our client organizations understand, assess, test, organize, instrument, and deploy cloud solutions. Our team will brainstorm together to get you the best optimized solution. Cloud technique uses off-site server clusters that are on “the cloud” or in large, secure, and in sustained, well managed network centers.

Our cloud solutions are customized according to your corporate environment. We do not plan to revamp the complete infrastructure- but handhold our customers while taking a few steps of change all the way to the next level of growth.

We have mentioned these before in several client pitches that our cloud solutions are scalable, mobile, and secure. Nonetheless, what’s more important is that our client felt is that our cloud applications are more ‘reliable’ and ‘personalized’ compared to competitor products.

What kind of cloud solutions have we worked upon? Well, all you need to do is sign in your details on the enquiry form and you will find your response within 24 hours. Delve into our Cloud Applications!

Develop Cloud Applications

  • ✓ Before you feel good about signing up for cloud services- there is one important step– the first move to build, or migrate cloud applications.
  • ✓ After understanding the business environment, we architect the cloud application that consist the right mix of techniques and technologies. We ensure we choose the software which defines scalability and manageability.
  • ✓ Using flip charts and wireframes we design the application workflow and help you understand the architecture. As explained during the key cloud service consultation; we create integrated billing solutions, accounting records, user tracking tools, measuring tools, secure application systems, stats tool, document, and many others.

For all our software solutions we always ensure testing services. In this case, cloud-scale application stress and penetration testing are two major unavoidable tests that we run on our cloud applications.

Our Research and Analytics COE, works regularly to tap the stability, performance, and scalability of our cloud operations.

Deploy Cloud Application Infrastructure

All your ERP, MIS, CRM, HRM and other such detailed applications can be stored on the cloud. All you would need to do is consult ODA team to take the process from start to finish. We ensure that our Cloud applications do hurt your daily workflow structure and still help you to fully utilize the benefits of these applications from day one. Cloud applications are deployed after several calculations and procedures.

We in ODA drive business agility and performance; while making sure the capital and administrative resources are intact. We augment all, from private cloud to a corporate level cloud service.

We have the following software services for you:

  • ✓ Infrastructure
  • ✓ Backup and Recovery
  • ✓ Virtualization
  • ✓ Disaster Recovery

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