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eCommerce Website Development

ecommerce has a place in every aspect of the society. B2B ecommerce websites enable businesses to transact electronically between themselves. B2C ecommerce websites are developed for retailers to sell their products & services directly to the customers. C2C ecommerce websites like auction sites or goods exchange sites allow consumers to buy, sell or exchange goods with other consumers.

Whatever your business, ODA can design a bespoke ecommerce website for you that will help you market and sell your products and services cost effectively. ODA offers you the facility of having an online store that is as individualized as your business. Our solution allows you to create, manage and maintain an independent online store. The solutions are user friendly and easily customizable. With website designs that stand out from the crowd, we offer small businesses and corporate enterprises innovative and unique ways to sell on the web.

The volume of sales on ecommerce websites have grown exponentially due to widespread Internet usage via computers as well as mobiles. During the year, 2011 the transaction volume of global B2C ecommerce is expected to hit USD 1.5 trillion with a growth rate of 12%. US online retail commerce is estimated to grow at a rate of 13.2% generating USD 187 billion. (Figures according to J. P. Morgan / Forrester Research)

Since the start of the ecommerce revolution, ODA has been at the cutting edge of new technologies for building bespoke ecommerce developments. Our ecommerce developments improve sales performances, customer satisfaction, and marketing initiatives helping our customers to realize their ecommerce goals.

Modern ecommerce websites are amalgamation of multiple technologies like inventory management, secure electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing, logistics, web 2.0 and social commerce. These enhancements make shopping on ecommerce websites reliable, safe, and convenient for users. The social networking features incorporated into ecommerce websites strengthens consumer confidence in online shops by offering instant peer reviews and suggestion

Our Experience in ecommerce website development

ODA has expertise in developing & deploying ecommerce solutions based on reusable frameworks. We deploy open source frameworks & tools like Magento, Virtuemart, Prestashop and other proprietary tools & technologies to develop your ecommerce website.

Flexibility, Scalability and Security are the key features of our eCommerce solution that will enable your company to quickly and effectively react to new opportunities, reduce time-to-market and operational costs and at the same time improve overall productivity.

ODA designed a B2C ecommerce website for a leading jewelery retailer. This aesthetically designed online store has dynamic and interlinked categories for convenience of buyers to locate jewelery of their choice. It is integrated with the ERP system for instant stock updates. The website uses a dedicated and secured payment gateway. The shipping system is linked to major logistic companies for quick delivery of the orders.

ODAhas also developed a B2B ecommerce website for an electrical equipment manufacturer. Using this e-commerce website dealers and resellers can log in to portal, browse for products via the e-catalogue and place orders. The website has two way flow of data with ERP in the back-end which ensures live update of stock and price on the website as well as provides MIS reports for inventory.

Looking to increase your sales with eCommerce website?

Let us help you build an online store. Please get in touch with our Software Development team at info@odainformatics.com

ecommerce has a place in every aspect of the society. B2B ecommerce websites enable businesses to transact electronically between themselves.

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