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IT Infrastructure Management

Are you maximizing your IT infrastructure investment? How well are your assets performing vis-à-vis your business aspirations? Are you leveraging the best technology available in the market today? Are you facing challenges in ensuring the performance, availability and scalability of your IT assets? ODA can help you address all of these questions. We can consult you on how to manage your IT operations, enabling you to focus on your core business and fine tune your IT engine to support of your organization’s business vision. ODA’ Consulting Practice leverages its experience of managing and delivering technology, giving our customers a robust IT framework that has the potential to meet their business objectives.

Management of Hardware and Software infrastructure: This includes management of hardware such as Servers, Desktops, Notebooks and other IT equipment. In term of Software management it involved management of Server OS, Desktop OS, and Application and Productivity software

Software License Compliance Advisory Services: Frequently one finds that users have inadvertently loaded unlicensed software on their PCs and notebooks. This puts the user company at great legal risk. Sometimes users are not even aware that they are violating the law by loading and using unlicensed software. ODA can help you identify needs of legal software for various business needs and help you decide the best way in which you can comply with the licensing requirements and yet save large amounts of money. Our advisory services carefully evaluate your company’s needs, identify the software that can meet the needs, identifies which of these require paid licenses and which ones are available without payments and then draws up a full plan using which the company complies with all licensing requirements in an economically efficient manner.

IT Help desk: ODA can provide for a round the clock Help Desk in your city and a IT Monitoring Section at ODA HO. A person identified, as the Help Desk-in-charge will be responsible for the Help Desk. To provide Facility Management Services, User Departments/Areas will be allocated a unique Department ID and will be prioritized into 1-high 2- medium, 3-low. This is for prioritizing complaints for their resolution. High priority area complaints will be dealt with first followed by

medium and then low priority area complaints. ODA has developed complaint handling tool that helps the ODA Engineer to keep a proper track of all the Complaint/requirements logged

Multi Location Connectivity (Feasibility, Installation and Roll out): ODA observes and study the business objective and need to identify the best suitable a connectivity solution for different location based on various parameters. ODA consults you on the solution available to meet your business requirement i.e. RF link, Leased line, DSL connectivity etc.

Network Management Services: ODA can help design your network so it will support the applications you need. The network management services include:

  • → Network Strategy and Planning
  • → Network Architecture & design
  • → Network Migration Consultancy
  • → Network Monitoring

Security Management: With the number of security threats increasing on a daily basis, security for most organizations no longer takes a backseat but has taken a prominent place on every IT Head – TO DO List. The skill sets required to manage security within an organization most often cannot be acquired by deploying shared resources. Investment in dedicated resources for security is out of reach for most organizations. It is for this reason that many organizations have looked at outsourcing of security services. Security Management service offerings include the following sub components:

Monitored and Managed Firewall Services

  • 1. Monitored and Managed Network-based Intrusion Detection Services
  • 2. Monitored and Managed Integrated Security Appliance Services
  • 3. Monitored Host-based Intrusion Detection Services
  • 4. Managed Internet Vulnerability Assessment Services
  • 5. Managed Security Policy Compliance Services
  • 6. Managed Virus Protection Services

Capacity Planning: As your organization grows over the years, so will the usage of various software. This will put pressure on resources such as servers and communication networks. As time goes by, there may be a need to review the existing processing capacity and plan for equipment and network upgrades or optimization. ODA will bring forth its expertise to advise you on the best options possible

Server based Remote Management of Desktops: A managed service provider installs a server with desktop management tools at a customer location. The managed service provider then remotely manages virus detection and protection, operating system and application updates and patches and nightly backups of employees’ hard disk images .In essence, the managed service provider becomes the IT department of a company.

Manpower Support: It is possible that over a period of time some of the existing IT staffs may need to be redeployed to other responsibilities. Under advice and concurrence from your management, ODA will examine the possibility of some members of the existing IT team on its payroll which will enable them to become more skilled and productive.

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