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Hardware Management Services

Hardware management comprises of two distinct sections:

Hardware Infrastructure

  • 1. Servers
  • 2. Desktops
  • 3. Notebooks for senior management
  • 4. Notebooks for mobile users
  • 5. Attendance recording devices
  • 6. Bar code related hardware, etc
  • 7. Weighing machines
  • 8. Testing equipment

Software Infrastructure

  • 1. Server Operating Systems
  • 2. Desktop operating Systems
  • 3. Industry specific software such as any Engineering applications software
  • 4. Productivity software such as MS Office

ODA would provide the following services around the aforementioned infrastructure areas

Hardware related services:

  • 1. Takeover/Management of existing Hardware
  • 2. Identification of needs
  • 3. Procurement/Advice for new Hardware
  • 4. ODA will choose the vendor and hardware based on certain key factors.
  • 5. Brand
  • 6. Price/Performance
  • 7. Maintainability
  • 8. Upgradeability
  • 9. Reliability
  • 10. Service orientation of vendor

ODA would also analyze whether it will be useful to buy a Desktop or a Notebook.

  • Deployment
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Management of procurement and distribution of consumables

Software related services:

  • Planned increase of Software License compliance
  • Software Version management

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