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Networking Management Services

ODA has the expertise to design your network so it will support the applications you need. By devising an evolutionary plan to upgrade, consolidate or improve both the performance and operational cost of the network. This plan will help in realizing the potential value of an integrated IP implementation. The network management services include:

  • 1. Network Strategy and Planning
  • 2. Network Architecture & design
  • 3. Network Migration Consultancy
  • 4. Network Monitoring

Network Management Services include the following sub-components

  • 1. Fault Notification – Proactive notification of faults to an end customer organization before they occur.
  • 2. Configuration Management – Managing the configuration of various devices in the network.
  • 3. Accounting Management – Reporting of usage of IT Infrastructure including billing activities.
  • 4. Performance Management – Managing the performance of various devices in the network.
  • 5. Security Management – Management of security within the network.

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