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Management of IT needs has been a challenge for most non IT companies. While large companies have set up dedicated IT departments to address their IT needs, the Small and Mid-sized businesses do not find it an efficient utilization of resources. Also, due to market pressures, availability of skilled staff which can develop a vision, and take long term decisions is also very limited. Typically, IT is managed by a very small group in the SME segment. In the vast majority of cases, the decision making for all IT lies with the top management who may not be able to dedicate the time IT related research and processes demand.

As a result the IT decisions and spending become less planned, more ad-hoc and as a consequence the company might be spending more than they should and still getting a bag bargain.

Some of the bottlenecks that are commonly observed are:

  • ✓ Lack of experienced IT staff
  • ✓ Homegrown IT teams with limited exposure
  • ✓ Inadequate time availability for determining potential solutions
  • ✓ Frequently changing technologies
  • ✓ Hype by vendors creating non clarity

These bottlenecks have a very serious outcome, which largely goes un-noticed…that the top management starts to feel that their “dream” of what IT should be able to deliver for their organization is too complex or demands so much time and money, that it is not worth the effort. This leads to serious loss of potential for becoming a more efficiently run organization. It may not be out of place to mention that most productivity gains that the developed countries have enjoyed in the past decade have been due to deployment of IT.

ODA's Methodology for TITO Services

Have detailed sessions with the Top Management to determine their organizational plan, and how, ideally IT could be utilized for bringing down costs and increasing productivity

Bring in own experience to advise the senior management on IT planning and deployment

Build a roadmap for the year as well as for the quarter detailing objectives, expenses, rollout plan

Become responsible for executing the agreed plan

Put in process and controls to ensure that the investment continues to be in line with management objectives

Services Offered by ODA
  • 1. IT Infrastructure Consultancy
  • 2. Disaster Recovery Planning and Management
  • 3. IT Helpdesk
  • 4. Multi-location Connectivity
  • 5. Network Management
  • 6. Email Management Consultancy
  • 7. Website Management Services
  • 8. Security Management
  • 9. Desktop Management
  • 10. Hardware Management
  • 11. Security and Access Control
  • 12. Manpower Support
  • 13. Software License Compliance Advisory Services


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